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Countless intangible veils separate all universes from each other - and from ours. The fabric of space and time is at its faintest, like gossamer, at these proximate points we share with all other realities. Interdimensional castaways are drawn to safety and arrive on a train in our core world, Hialao. The train system also serves as our lifeblood by connecting five other worlds to Hialao.

With the dimensional displacements not yet showing signs of slowing, and research forever futile on how to leave (besides those who simply vanish, falling back through the invisible curtain), it's impossible to say who might arrive and how they might shape this fragile series of lands, eras and cultures. Good luck out there.

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Site premise was formed by the original staff of Gossamer - Alida, Prince, Rebecca, Morgan, and Tera, who created the dimensions of Elestis, Hialao, Parse, Barrows, and Wildewall, respectively. Additionally, Tethya was the result of a site event and was created by a former member, Velvet.

Gossamer's genre-based multi-world concept must not be duplicated or mirrored elsewhere without express permission from the current owner and staff. Member-made content belongs to its respective creators. DO NOT RIP, INSPIRE, RECREATE, OR STEAL ANY PART OF THIS SITE.


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 Memory, Tag - Open
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Asriel had never dared to go inside the auction house to see what items lay within there, simply because he did not want to see something from his past he would rather not. The forcible change of location to this universe had been for his betterment and he wouldn't want to return to the universe from which he came for anything. Now he was here he had friends, he had a partner whom he loved dearly, he had a life that he would never have had if he had simply stayed in the Underground as he was planning to do. He would still be a flower, he would be waiting for a sister figure who would have ultimately ended up betraying him despite his loyalty and attachment to her.

No there was...nothing for him back in the Underground.

As much as he did not want to go back to that place, he still had not entirely moved on from it either. Asriel had many issues that he still struggled with on a frequent basis. His death at the hands of the mob of humans caused him anxieties which he did not show on the surface, the only one who knew of his feelings about those situations was Sans and even then it was only because he had been there during one of his weaker moments where he had let his emotions on that topic show through. Asriel had felt like his SOUL was about to jump out of his chest when he saw Sans on television, in a strange place surrounded by humans. It had caused their first argument even and he knew he needed to get a handle on it but, it was difficult.

The reason that Asriel had eventually decided, after all this time, to come into this place - and to do so alone at that - was to look for something for his partner. While he might not have a great many pleasant memories of the Underground, Sans had a few and it would be a great shame if something from their home was sold to another person. Not that he was sure someone would want to buy a picture of a bone that appeared a classic art piece but, stranger things had happened. So he had come armed with his money and a steely expression to peer around the various lots before the auction began.

Unfortunately he had very little luck until he stumbled across a book, something that he recognised. A joke book, that when he opened it, stored inside a physics book, and it went on and on until you got tired and simply put the book back down. Asriel had seen it a few times when he had been inside the skeleton brothers home during some of the timelines, so, he knew it was Sans'. Asriel made a note of the lot number and would make sure to bid on it when the time came.

As he was about to search somewhere else for more items, he found himself turning and with his wide frame knocking into someone else. Asriel failed to see how they would not have noticed him considering he was well over six feet tall and very broad of shoulders, of course not counting the fact he was a goat monster with metallic horns on top of those two things, but apparently they had done. Asriel narrowed his eyes at the person in question and waited for their apology.

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Sera was mostly here because she liked causing trouble. When the auction started she was thinking of stomping on toes of people to make them raise their hands and bid on something, then darting out of the way before they could see her. It would be a lot of fun and would keep her busy, keep her mind off all the bad things that were happening. Like Dagna disappearing for the second time. She loved her girlfriend, and she missed her with ever single fiber of her being. Widdle was always messin with that magic junk n Sera was almost positive that had something to do with her disappearance. If she found out ol' baldy had somethin to do with it, she would kill him. Put an arrow right through his face, ancient god or no.

Plus these people were probably rich as nobles if they had money to spend on stupid shite like this stuff. Look'it that little book of jokes, wait, she wanted that. Books of jokes might be full of somethin funny, but fuck all if she was going to sit here and pay money for it. She could steal it, maybe, but before she got the chance to even head back towards it she smashed into something. She'd been distracted, thinking of ideas on how to steal it and still get back in later to have her fun. Unfortunately when Sera was distracted she often became clumsy. Not to say she couldn't be subtle, she was a rogue, of course she could.

Her eyes moved up and up and up to the tip of a very strange lookin face. "You're a goat, but not a goat, you look like a man, are you a qunari, don't look like a qunari, qunari have horns but not goat faces. At least none I ever met had goat faces. The fuck are you?" Sera's tiny form darted around him, surveying him from the back, at least she thought it was a him. Height indicated a him. Then again, her ears indicated she was an elf, but she wasn't elfy.
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