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You've slipped through the ephemeral veil of gossamer that separates your own world from ours. It is a train which mysteriously brought you here. These trains also serve as our lifeblood by interconnecting our six dimensions.

Hialao is the nucleus, a modern, sunny and hospitable seaside realm; Wildewall is steeped in tradition, good for those with archaic roots and a taste for wilderness; Elestis is the fantasy land of ever-tumbling magic and whimsical imagination; Parse whirs like the massive digital machine that it is, advanced and technological.

Barrows is the breeding ground of chaos, with refrains of grunge and anachronistic crime; Tethya is the small but glorious underwater world reminiscent of Victorian times; and those who don't feel at home in any of these places, or simply like to wander, are known as Drifters.

We're a panfandom roleplay forum for animated and illustrated media: this includes anime, manga, Western animation and comics, video games, visual novels, and more. We are hosted on Jcink Premium and are over 3 and a half years old. Please register in ALL CAPITALS!


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you and us, or i and them - there comes a time to take a stand. the wheel is watching all, it keeps on burning. the venom works, it's like a curse - a trojan horse, when will we learn. the wheel embodies all that keeps returning. but it's all we want and it's all that we're fighting for, though it's not paradise.
i. behaviour
Gossamer operates on principles of respect, tact, fairness, honesty, maturity, and kindness. All individuals are expected to act according this philosophy at all times. This rule applies across the entire board and any connected media: posts, personal messages, instant messages, the Cbox, and so on. Misbehaviours which include, but are not limited to, bullying, harassment, discrimination, hate speech, prejudice, and duplicity, will be followed up by the staff team and acted upon appropriately. Countermeasures and punishments ultimately boil down to temporary or permanent Cbox bans and/or site bans.

ii. registration
Register with your character's full name (or most common name) in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Characters of Japanese origin - primarily those whose original material is in Japanese and not English - should have their family name first and their given name second. Also, no special characters in names; if Japanese characters such as Ū, Ō or Ī, they should be correctly romanised (to UU, OU, or II, respectively).

DO NOT MAKE AN OOC ACCOUNT; named accounts are for staff members only. If we see any accounts that do not match up to a known canon character, we will delete them. For your OOC alias, choose one and stick to it. Do not make it identical to the name/nickname of your character or anyone else's. Please also make sure it is short (8 characters or less is ideal).

iii. series & characters
We only accept canon characters, not original ones, and they must be rooted in animation or illustration -- i.e. a series' primary medium must be animated or illustrated. This covers Japanese anime, manga, and visual novels; animated movies (Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Ghibli, etc), Western cartoons and animations, comics like DC and Marvel, and video games. If a character also appears in some purely written material, such as a light novel, this information may be used as part of the character's history or development, but the majority of their material (>50%) must still be animated/illustrated, and their canon point cannot be anywhere within the written history.

More information and Q&As on characters and character aspects we do or don't allow can be found in the character portion of our FAQ. Further character inquiries may be posed here. Note that some series are not permitted all, primarily due to their style of animation and/or adult humour, including but not limited to South Park, Bojack Horseman, American Dad, Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

iv. currently airing shows
If you‘re thinking of applying for a character from a currently airing show, please try to be realistic about it. It‘s really hard to accurately explain, portray and understand someone if you‘ve seen only two or three episodes of the series so far, let alone if the said character is going to be an important one in the series. In the case of an anime that has no other complimentary material (manga, visual novels, etc), there must be at least one complete cour aired (~12 episodes, unless the anime ends before that) in order for us to allow you to apply for a certain character. A similar process applies to manga still in its early stages. Always make sure you have enough material that‘s already out before applying for a character, especially if things like their full backstory have not been revealed yet. If you‘re unsure about a certain case, please ask one of the staff members!

v. inclusiveness
Try not to focus on plotting with characters only in the same fandoms as yours, or only from the fandoms you're familiar with. We're multi-fandom for a reason! However, the converse also holds true; don't overlook or ignore characters in the same fandom as yours.

vi. canon reservations
Reserving the character you are applying for is heavily encouraged; remember that if you don't reserve a character, you are at risk of having that character taken from you by someone else. You are required to update your reservation every 7 days, and the total reservation period lasts 14 days. If by the 2-week mark your application is unfinished, it will be archived. You are required to wait 7 days between your 14 day reservation cycles. You may ask for an extra 7-day extension due to extenuating circumstances; just ask staff.

vii. rating
We are rated 3-3-3 on the RPG-Rating system. This board is also Jcink Premium. All mature content is free game, as long as it is being handled by mature writers. However, always make sure to leave proper warnings for threads; if it's going to be mature, put an [M] or similar in the title, and please make a clear note at the top of the thread or post if there is any potentially triggering material present.

viii. word count
None. Write what is natural to you, and understand that some people may consistently write more, or less, than you do.

ix. skill level
All writing and communication on Gossamer must be comprehensible and of good quality without excess typos, spelling errors or incorrect grammar. This does not exclude ESL writers on principle. Our application serves as the primary screening process for your writing abilities, so we expect that your roleplaying on the site will not be of significantly lower quality.

x. graphics
Main avatars are 250x450 pixels, and the smaller square icons are 200x200 and 100x100 (automatic resizing is in effect in some areas). GIFs may be used for the 200x200 or 100x100, but not in the Cbox. If you use incorrect sizing or poor-quality graphics, you may be contacted. Lastly, we do not allow nudity, gore, or unsettling themes in any graphical content.

xi. content ownership
Plagiarising from other sources is strictly forbidden. This includes stealing art and graphics and declaring them your own, copying someone's application from another site, copying canon information from Wikipedia or a similar source, or thieving large-scale original concepts or ideas. Violation of this rule will lead to immediate banning. We will also follow up cases of content being stolen from Gossamer and utilized elsewhere.

xii. activity
One post per month for each character. This rule is independent of activity checks, which generally start at the beginning of each month and run for 1 week to simply serve as a posting reminder and help us keep track of cleanouts. Absence notes are mandatory for exemption from an activity check, but keep in mind that they cannot last forever; one and a half months is the general maximum. There is a grace period of 7 days after an absence note ends in which you can post before your character(s) will be inactivated. Logins need to be performed within 14 days, especially for players with only one character, otherwise we will presume them inactive.

Simply showing up and posting once a month alone for the sake of meeting our technical requirements may be brought into question on a case-by-case basis. What this essentially means is that we'd like to see you, as a member of our forum, being up to date on our goings-on, and present in and making contributions to our community at large; there's not much point to being on an RP forum if you aren't going to, well, RP and get to know your fellow roleplayers. Going completely dry on plotting/non-IC posting/interacting with other members on-site is our main concern, as is interacting with a specific friend or group on social media or other RP sites only.

xiii. making additional characters
Before you can make a new character, each of your existing characters needs ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: at least 3 in-character posts (canon or AU), one active canon IC thread, a plotter posted up, and 7 posts from other IC mediums (this can be a mixture of plotter replies, technology posts, development posts). If we feel any of these supplementary posts are low-effort, we will ask for extra site contribution. A reserve on the canon list may not be posted until these requirements are met with your most recent accepted character.

xiv. canons per series
Each player may have no more than two characters per fandom: only one of these may be a major/popular character. They must have minimal interactions with your other character. For certain series (namely those with a large cast or with many playable minor characters), we may allow up to 3 or more characters; these tend to include larger sports series such as Haikyuu!!, or fandoms which span multiple worlds or timelines such as Final Fantasy, Fate/, Fire Emblem, and Tales of.

xv. rp etiquette
No godmoding, powerplaying or metagaming. This means no taking control of another player's character without permission, no overpowering your character and manipulating situations so they can win all the time, and no implementation of outside knowledge to influence in character decisions and consequences. Some characters who are particularly overpowered, or have certain skills (e.g. bending time/space, insta-killing or totally controlling other characters), will need to be nerfed in the application process.

xvi. multiverse mechanics
There may only be one version of each character permitted, even if their series casts them in multiple iterations. For example, we would not be able to have both the original FMA Edward Elric as well as the FMA: Brotherhood Edward.

When a character is dropped or goes inactive, the history of that character remains in the multiverse, and existing characters who interacted with them will remember those interactions. If that same character is apped again by a different player, they will not have those past memories unless the player chooses to include them.

Characters within the same fandom may be pulled from any point in the fandom that the player chooses, which means that while one character in a fandom may be from the end of the series, another character in the same fandom may be taken from the midst of the conflict. Characters also still continue to exist in canon: if character A is pulled from an earlier point than character B, character B's canon memories are not affected.

Lastly, characters are unable to die in Gossamer's setting. The powers-that-be either divert events or other characters' decisions, or effects that would be fatal (severe bodily wounds, illness or poisoning, etc) are lessened. - This part is to be rewritten. Characters can die on Gossamer now, but under certain circumstances.

you and us, or i and them - there comes a time to take a stand. the wheel is watching all, it keeps on burning. the venom works, it's like a curse - a trojan horse, when will we learn. the wheel embodies all that keeps returning. but it's all we want and it's all that we're fighting for, though it's not paradise.
i. name
Keep this the same as the OOC alias you've listed in your character's app at all times. You can register your profile in the cbox, so please make sure to do that once you're officially a member!

ii. behaviour
Much the same as our general forum rule for behaviour; if anything, we will be more strict on this. Always think about what you're saying and whether it can be misconstrued; the Cbox must be 100% welcoming and safe for all members and guests at all times. We will immediately take appropriate action when necessary, including temporary Cbox bans.

iii. be welcoming!
A genuine effort to be welcoming is highly appreciated - say hello to other members, whether they're new or old members or guests. Attempt to include others in conversation; it's a small action, but it makes an enormous difference.

iv. regarding rp things
Do not ever nudge or 'hint' at anyone else that they need to reply to something, nor complain or make mentions of the fact you 'don't have enough threads' or 'are bored' or anything to that extent. Just don't. Remember that everyone has their own schedule and commitments outside of the site, as well as their own writing pace, and that no-one is obliged to plot or write with you specifically. Additionally, don't pressure people into making characters for your fandom, looking at your plotters or wanted ads, and don't talk excessively about your own character(s) or writing; it comes across as plain arrogant. Remember that you can make or join open threads, post on others' plotters, bump wanted ads, and generally engage in the community without coming across as pushy.

iv.i. regarding application process
Please do not discuss it in the cbox, if possible, even if it‘s with a staff member. Proper opinion and thoughts will be given to you in the application's review, so just be patient, we will get to you! If your application is pended and you have questions, don't be afraid contact the staff member who pended you via PMs and ask. We're definitely here to help, however, asking if your application is "good enough" in the cbox can make people uncomfortable, so please keep that in mind!

v. tagging things
We have our tagbox for a reason! Refrain, wherever possible, from mentioning or linking to things that could go in the tagbox instead (IC replies, new plotters or wanteds, etc). However, don't spam our tagbox either; only link your completed application ONCE, and you may only link things such as plotters, wanted ads and open threads once every two weeks.

vi. other rp sites
Do not discuss them or link to them, unless they are long dead (don't link those either, though, please). However, links to resource sites (Caution, ATF, Out of Control, etc) are fine.

vii. unsettling content
Keep the Chatbox conversations PG-13 or below at all times please! Do not use the curse words too often (we have a few filtered!) and try not to share links to anything that could be upsetting -- e.g. something with bad language, or violent or sexual material; and if you're not sure, ask before sharing or just don't share in the Cbox at all.

viii. sensitive topics
These should not be discussed in the Cbox at all. These include politics, religion, sexual and gender identities, drugs, or any social issues whatsoever that could spark debate, argument or discomfort.

ix. fandom discussions
Yes, this is a panfandom site, so yes, we have a plethora of different series and it's impossible for everyone to be familiar with all of them. Even within a certain series, not everyone knows everything there is to know about it. Keep this in mind when talking about them; it can exclude or upset people if it's a constant thing.

x. gifs / smilies
Yes, we have these. Yes, they are hilarious. Yes, when someone posts one it prompts others to post more. Just don't overdo it. This also applies to spamming certain things in general; be realistic and don't go overboard.

xi. joining
If you're a guest or new registrant and you're planning on joining our community, that's great! However, please do not sit in the chatbox for extended periods of time unless you are serious about joining and can write an application in a timely manner. If you stick around for more than a week or two without having a character at least mostly done, we may ask you to leave.

xii. final note
If someone is offended or upset by something you've said, be gracious. Apologise rather than blaming the other person; deflecting blame by accusing others of "taking it the wrong way" is inappropriate. A genuine attempt to avoid making the same mistake in the future is the best course of action to preserve a comfortable atmosphere. If any issues arise, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member. The Cbox is a very public place and we want to keep things happy for everyone.
Oh, misty eye of the mountain below, Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls. And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke, Keep watching over Durin's sons.
FOR MAKING ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS: the bolded line was added as of March 30th.

Before you can make a new character, each of your existing characters needs ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: at least 3 in-character posts (canon or AU), one active canon IC thread, a plotter posted up, and 7 posts from other IC mediums (this can be a mixture of plotter replies, technology posts, development posts). If we feel any of these supplementary posts are low-effort, we will ask for extra site contribution. A reserve on the canon list may not be posted until these requirements are met with your most recent accepted character.

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